Volume 8, Number 1 (2014)

Ananiy Kohut, Andriy Voronov and Stanislav Voronov

Micellization and Adsolubilization of Amphilic Invertible Polyesters

Anna Iakovleva, Sergii Boichenko and Angela Gay

Cause-Effect Analysis of the Modern State in Production of Jet Fuels

Anna Korneva, Izabela Orlicka, Krzysztof Sztwiertnia and Gennady Zaikov

Microstructure of Dental Casting Alloy Ni-Cr-Mo (RODENT)

Arkadiy Saley, Nina Sopina and Ivan Kozir

Physico-Mechanical Properties of Cements with Application of Barium-Containing Sulfateferrite Clinkers

Gennady Zaikov, Larisa Madyuskina, Marina Artsis and Lidiya Zimina

Elastomery 2013 “Science and Industry”. XV International Science and Technology Conference

Gennady Zaikov, Lidiya Zimina and Larisa Madyuskina

All-Russian Scientific Conference on “Theoretical and Experimental Investigations of Synthesis, Modification and Polymer Treatment Process”

Georgii Kozlov, Zaira Zhirikova, Vladimir Aloev and Gennady Zaikov

The Ultrasound Processing Influence on Carbon Nanotubes Structure in Polymer Nanocomposites

Irina Kostiv, Igor Polyuzhin, Nataliya Vytrykush, Galina Marshalok and Josyp Yatchyshyn

Optimization of 2,3-Dimethylbuta-1,3-diene and 2-Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate Cyclization Reaction Conditions

Oleg Figovsky, Dmitry Pashin, Zufar Khalitov and Azat Khadiev

The Quantitative Theory of Diffraction by Spiral Nanotubes

Olena Struminska, Sergey Kurta, Liliya Shevchuk and Stanislaw Ivanyshyn
Biopolymers for Seed Presowing Treatment

Olesia Miagkota, Natalia Mitina, Zoriana Nadashkevych, Igor Yanchuk, Oleksandr Greschuk, Orest Hevus and Aleksandr Zaichenko

Novel Peroxide Containing Pegylated Polyampholytic Block Copolymers

Roman Nebesnyi, Volodymyr Ivasiv, Zorian Pikh, Viacheslav Zhyznevskyi and Yulia Dmytruk

The Kinetics of the Gas Phase Aldol Condensation Reaction of Propionic Acid with Formaldehyde on B2O3-P2O5-WO3/SiO2 Catalyst

Sarkar Kawsar, Jannatul Ferdous, Golam Mostafa and Mohammad Manchur

A Synthetic Approach of D-Glucose Derivatives: Spectral Characterization and Antimicrobial Studies

Sergiy Vakal, Eduard Karpovych, Myroslav Malyovannyi and Oleh Stokalyuk

Development of Ammophos Production Technology from Algerian Phosphorites

Stepan Melnyk and Victor Reutskyy

Technological Aspects of Dicarboxylic Acids Esterification in the Presence of Aprotic Catalysts

Svetlana Khashirova and Gennady Zaikov

The IX International Scientific and Practical Conference “Novel Polymeric Composite Materials”

Vasyl Pokhmurskii, Sergiy Korniy, Volodymyr Kopylets and Bogdan Kosarevych

Quantum-Chemical Calculation of Modified Silicon-Contained Zeolite Clusters Electronic Structure by Zinc and Calcium Ions

Volodymyr Mizyuk and Volodymyr Shibanov

Peculiarities of NMR 1H and 13C Spectra of Alkyl Groups in Functionalized Linear Alkanes of the General Formula CH3(CH2)mY

Yuriy Fedenko, Tatiana Dontsova and Іgor Astrelin

Physico-Chemical and Sorptive Properties of Nanocomposites Based on Zirconium(IV) Oxide

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