Volume 8, Number 4 (2014)

Anatoliy Ranskiy and Natalia Didenko

Direct Synthesis of Cuprum(II) Complex Compounds Based on Thioamide Ligands

Anatoly Starovoit, Michael Chemerinskii and Eugene Malyi

Mechanism of Gas-Coal Thermal Preparation in Electromagnetic Field

Antonio da Costa, Fernanda Correa, Gustavo Sant’Anna, Sheyla de Carvalho, Fernanda dos Santos and Marcia Lutterbach

Scanning Electron Microscopic Characterization of Iron-Gall Inks from Different Tannin Sources – Applications for Cultural Heritage

Irina Savchenko

Synthesis and Electrooptical Properties of Side-Chain Polymethacrylates and Polycomplexes Containing Azobenzene Moieties with Different Length Spacers

Khrystyna Sobol, Zinoviy Blikharskyy, Nadiya Petrovska and Volodymyr Terlyha

Analysis of Structure Formation Peculiarities during Hydration of Oil-Well Cement with Zeolitic Tuff and Metakaolin Additives

Liudmyla Makeieva, Iryna Gladyr, Rita Rozhnova and Nataliia Galatenko

Synthesis of Bioactive Folate-Ferrocene Conjugate

Magdalena Formela, Jozef Haponiuk, Lidia Jasinska-Walc and Krzysztof Formela

Compatibilization of Polymeric Composition Filled with Ground Tire Rubber – Short Review

Maria Artus and Ivan Kostiv

Kinetics of Langbeinite Conversion into Schenite in the Presence of Mirabilite, Sylvine and Water

Oksana Nadtoka and Volodymyr Syromyatnikov

The Influence of Chemical Structure of Chromophore on Polymerization of Methacrylic Azomonomers

Oleh Suberlyak, Mykhailo Bratychak, Victoria Zemke and Natalia Chopyk

Effect of the Low-molecular Additives Nature on the Adhesive Properties of Based on Polyvinylpirolidone Compositions

Olesya Medvid, Oksana Kozar and Valentina Oliynykova

Impact of Microwave Energy and Leuconate Hardener on the Adhesive Joint Strength

Olga Semeshko, Julia Saribekova, Tatiana Asaulyuk and Sergey Myasnikov

The Influence of Electrical Discharge Nonlinear Bulk Cavitation on the Structural and Chemical Changes in Water during the Wool Fiber Bleaching

Prathibha Godavarthi, Rosaiah Pitcheri, Purusottam Reddy Bommireddy, Sivajee Ganesh Kapu and Mahammad Hussain Obili

Electrical and Electrochemical Properties of Li[Ni0.5 Co0.25 Mn0.25]O2 Cathode Material

Sanjay Bansode, Ramesh Kapadnis, Vasant Wagh, Sampat Kale and Habib Pathan

Comparative Studies on Physico-Chemical Properties of Indium Sulfide Films Deposited under Different Deposition Conditions by Chemical Bath Deposition

Tetyana Vitenko and Olga Gashchyn

Mechanism and Kinetic Regularities of Inactivating Effects of Cavitation on Microorganisms

Vsevolod Sklabinskyy, Oleksandr Liaposhchenko, Andrey Logvyn and Mustafa Makki Al-Rammahi

Hydrodynamics Modeling of Gas Separator Inertial and Filter Elements for Natural Gas Fine Cleaning

Witold Brostow

Report from POLYCHAR 22

Yaroslav Kalymon, Orest Kunty and Zenovij Znak

Professor Victor Yavorsky – 45 Years Head of the Department

Yuri Prysiazhnyi, Serhiy Pyshyev, Viktoria Kochubey and Denis Miroshnichenko

Desulphurization and Usage of Medium-Metamorphized Black Coal. 2. Desulphurized Coal Used as an Additive for the Production of Special Types of Coke

Zoriana Gnativ, Irena Nykulyshyn, Anna Rypka, Taras Voronchak and Zorian Pikh

Study of Aromatic and Terpenic Hydrocarbons Catalytic Cooligomerization Regularities

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