Volume 10, Number 4 (2016)

Aleksander Hejna, Paulina Kosmela, Milena Kopczynska, Jozef Haponiuk and Lukasz Piszczyk Microwave Assisted Liquefaction with Crude Glycerol as a Potential Method of Brewer’s Spent Grain Utilization

Anna Iakovlieva, Oksana Vovk, Sergii Boichenko, Kazimierz Lejda and Hubert Kuszewski Physical-Chemical Properties of Jet Fuel Blends with Components Derived from Rapeseed Oil

Bemgba Nyakuma, Olagoke Oladokun, Yakubu Dodo, Syie Wong, Habibu Uthman and Muhamad Halim Fuel Characterization and Thermogravimetric Analysis of Melon (Citrullus Colocynthis L.) Seed Husk

Debora Almeida and Maria de Fatima Marques Niobium Oxide as Catalyst for the Pyrolysis of Polypropylene and Polyethylene Plastic Waste

Deepali Kelkar and Ashish Chourasia Structural, Thermal and Electrical Properties of Doped Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)

Hanane Fodil and Mahmoud Omari Synthesis, Structural and Physicochemical Characterization of BaFe1-xAlxO3−δ Oxides

Ilma Cirne, Jaime Boaventura, Yuri Guedes and Elizabete Lucas Methods for Determination of Oil and Grease Contents in Wastewater from the Petroleum Industry

Marcia de Oliveira, Lenise Vieira, Luise Miranda, Daniele Miranda and Luiz C. C. Marques On the Influence of Micro- and Macro-Cristalline Paraffins on the Physical and Rheological Properties of Crude Oil and Organic Solvents

Mykhailo Nagornyak, Natalia Figurka, Volodymyr Samaryk, Serhiy Varvarenko, Maria Ferens and Victoria Oleksa Modification of Polysaccharides by N-Derivatives of Glutamic Acid Using Steglich Reaction

Mykhaylo Bratychak, Natalya Chopyk and Victoria Zemke Effect of Hydroxyapatite on the Glue Line Strength of the Compositions Containing Polyvinylpirrolidone

Mykhaylo Yatsyshyn, Viktoriia Makogon, Oleksandr Reshetnyak, Pavlo Demchenko, Nataliya Dumanchuk and Yuriy Stadnyk Properties of the Hybrid Glauconite/Polyaniline Composites Synthesized in the Aqueous Citrate Acid Solutions

Roman Hosovskyi, Diana Kindzera and Volodymyr Atamanyuk Diffusive Mass Transfer during Drying of Grinded Sunflower Stalks

Suellem Cordeiro, Leticia Pereira, Marina de O. Simoes and Maria de Fatima Marques Synthesis and Evaluation of New Bis(imino) Pyridine Based Catalysts for Ethylene Polymerization

Tatiana Gridneva, Alexander Kravchenko, Vadim Barsky and Natalia Gurevina Obtaining of High Purity Amorphous Silicon Dioxide from Rice Husk

Tetiana Obushenko, Natalia Tolstopalova, Olga Kulesha and Igor Astrelin Thermodynamic Studies of Bromphenol Blue Removal from Water Using Solvent Sublation

Victor Yavorskiy, Yuriy Sukhatskiy, Zenoviy Znak and Roman Mnykh Investigations of Cavitation Processes in Different Types of Emitters Using Sonochemical Analysis

Yulia Lukanina, Anatoliy Khvatov, Natalya Kolesnikova and Anatoliy Popov The Effect of Cooling Rate during Crystallization on the Melting Behavior of Polypropylenes of Different Chemical Structure

Zoryan Pikh, Roman Nebesnyi, Volodymyr Ivasiv, Andrij Pich and Sofia Vynnytska Oxidation of Unsaturated Aldehydes by Peracetic Acid

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