Volume 6. Number 1 (2012)

Alexander Volod´kin and Gennady Zaikov

Mechanism of Catalytic Alkylation of 2,6-di-tert-Butylphenol by Methyl Acrylate

Andrei Sakharov, Pavel Sakharov and Gennady Zaikov

Catalytic Oxidation of Ethylene Glycol by Dioxygen in Alkaline Medium. The New Example of One-Stage Oxidative Cleavage of C–C Bond

Gennady Zaikov and Dmitrii Loshadkin

Professor Eduard Rozantsev. Sixty Years in Science

Georgiy Kozlov, Zarema Aphashagova, Akhmed Malamatov and Gennady Zaikov
The Behaviour Features of Polymer Nanocomposites Filled with Calcium Carbonate

Lidiya Mazaletskaya, Nataliya Sheludchenko and Lyudmila Shishkina

Inhibitory Efficiency of Antioxidant and Phospholipid Mixtures under the Different Oxidation Extent of Methyl Oleate

Michael Bratychak, Olena Astakhova, Olena Mykhailiv, Alina Stryzhachuk and Olena Shyshchak

Chemical Modification of ED-24 Epoxy Resin by Adipic Acid

Ninel Komova and Gennady Zaikov

The Analysis of Changes of Relaxation Parameters of Polyethylene During their Measurement

Oleg Figovsky, Dmitry Pashin, Ilgiz Nasyrov, Zufar Khalitov and Diana Valeeva

The Peculiarities of Diffraction by Non-Chiral Nanotubes

Oleg Nagursky and Yaroslav Gumnitsky

Theoretical Model of Compounds Release from Capsulated Particles and its Experimental Check

Oleh Suberlyak, Nataliya Baran, Adam Gnatowski, Tomash Jaruga and Yuriy Melnyk

Regularities of Films Forming on the Basis of Polyamide-Polyvinylpyrrolidone Mixtures

Olga Grigoryeva, Olga Starostenko, Alexander Fainleib, Gonzalo Martínez-Barrera, Jean-Marc Saiter and Boulos Youssef

Joint Reuse of Post-Consumer Polyolefines and Ground Tire Rubber for Thermoplastic Elastomers Production. Mechanical Performance, Thermal and Radiation Stability

Sergey Kurta

Catalysis of Ethylene Oxychlorination into 1,2-Dichlorethane in the Presence of CuCl2/CuCl Active Centres on the Surface of -Al2O3

Serhiy Pysh’yev, Halyna Bilushchak and Volodymyr Gunka

Optimization of Oxidation Desulphurization of Power-Generating Coal

Svetlana Khashirova and Gennady Zaikov

The VII International Application-Oriented Scientific Conference “New Polymer Composites”

Valentyn Serheyev

Enthalpies of Mixing Methylmethacrylate with Some Organic Solvents

Valerii Barbash, Irina Trembus and Julia Nagorna

Pulp Obtaining from Corn Stalks

Vasil’ Larin and Serghiy Shapovalov

Association of Complex Ferrumcyanide Anions with Pinacyanol Cation in Aqueous Solution

Vladimir Gusak, Igor Drozdnik, Vladimir Shmalko and Yuriy Kaftan

Influence of Coke Quenching Method on its Reactivity

Volodymyr Brei, Galyna Starukh, Svitlana Levytska and Dmytro Shistka

Study of a Continuous Process of Glycerolysis of Rapeseed Oil with the Solid Base Catalysts

Zoryan Pikh and Volodymyr Ivasiv

Oxidation of Unsaturated Aldehydes by Hydrogen Peroxide in Alcohols Medium

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