Volume 2, Number 2 (2015)

Bezverkhyi O. I., Zinchuk L. P., Karlash V. L. Modeling of the piezoceramic resonator electric loading conditions based on experimental data

Chekurin V. F., Postolaki L. I. A variational method of homogeneous solutions for axisymmetric elasticity problems for cylinder

Gachkevich M. G., Gachkevich O. R., Torskyy A. R., Dmytruk V. A. Mathematical models and methods of optimization of technological heating regimes of the piecewise homogeneous glass shell. State-of-the-art investigations

Kostrobij P. P., Grygorchak I. I., Ivaschyshyn F. O., Markovych B. M., Viznovych O. V., Tokarchuk M. V. Mathematical modeling of subdiffusion impedance in multilayer nanostructures

Kushnir R. M., Popovych V. S., Rakocha I. I. Mathematical modelling, determination and analysis of the thermostressed state in a thermosensitive three-layer hollow cylinder subjected to the convective-radiative heating

Lukiyanets B. A., Matulka D. V. Effect of magnetic feld on quantum capacitance of the nanoobject

Nahirnyj T. S., Tchervinka K. A. Wave processes in the locally nonhomogeneous solids

Stasyuk I. V., Velychko O. V. Electron spectrum of intercalated stage ordered layered structures: Periodic Anderson model approach

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